Dr. James Sriboonnak together with myself Morakot Daniels are co-owners of Assisted by Nature. James studied Economics at University in Thailand and has a wide range of experience including teaching in Universities in Thailand, He is also a property developer and owns a jewellery work shop in Bangkok.
Now an entrepreneur he is using his experience and his own resources whilst having access to our own Agarwood essential oil famous for its healing property.

We are an internet company specializing in exotic products from the Far East with a particular emphasis on Thailand. We have a large and growing client base.

A certain degree of design customisation can be incorporated according to your needs. I have no doubt that you will be extremely happy with the service we provide. We are able to keep the cost of our products low because most of them are sourced directly from our resources. Nevertheless, we are proud to present a unique range of exciting products to you.

We have no doubt that you will be happy and content with the service we provide.

Morakot Daniels