Morakot Daniels was the owner of Viafront. Presently, she and her brother, Dr.James Sriboonnak are concentrating on a new venture, 'Assisted by Nature' supplying natural products mainly from Thailand and the Far East.

Our main products are made from exotic fruits, flowers and plants such as soaps, candles and aromatherapy oil and they come in the form of fruits and flowers with the corresponding aroma.

'Assisted by Nature' is expanding our range of products to include jewellery made from semi precious stones which have their own healing properties. These include Jade, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Haematite, Crystal and many more. Growing up in Thailand we were always close to nature. Now we would like to bring those values to you.

We never stop learning and researching to continuously bring new products to you. We are confident that our work and our products will be beneficial to you both mentally and physically

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